as a big girl

{you have to grow up at some point, Peter Pan}

I am attempting to be a big kid & do grown up things. We’ll just play it by ear…

home sweet home

I bought my home back in October of 2010 – so the idea that 2 years of having my name on a mortgage is rather crazy. Especially since I bought it as a 23 year old who didn’t have a clue as to what was going on.

my poor, poor brain

I  want to be reading daily. And going to the gym. And doing crafts. And fixing up my home. And watching Netflix with my precious puppy & my beautiful boyfriend. And I want to be laying out by the pool. And drinking.

BUT. You know what I am doing instead?!

oh, the places you’ll go

So what did WKU really do for me? Well, I learned that my drinking tolerance is comparable to that of a 6th year frat guy & that I am much more productive while I am on a deadline that consists of “shit, that project is due in like 12hrs” – things that I am sure my folks love to read about.

But that wasn’t all I took away.


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