as a comm kid

One of the items on my bucket list includes getting my Master’s degree – my sister just graduated with hers and my mother honestly probably has about 17 of them. Both of these gals are two of the smartest women that I personally know (the third is probably Diane DeRosa-Reynolds-Fedor). And I aspire to be like them. Does that honestly mean that I need to get more than a BFA? No. Not at all. But part of me feels like they are a part of this exclusive cool kid club and I want to be a part of it. Also, I kinda have an obsession with buying school supplies so….

I graduated in 2009 with my BFA in Advertising and concentrations in photog and sales. I graduated in 2009…into the recession. That would have been the ideal time to return to the classroom but I didn’t like school (just the supplies that I got to buy). So I took a few years off, did some “soul searching” (aka drank during the week and mooched off my overly generous folks – I was a hipster before it was a thing), worked full time and then decided that I wanted more and that I was finally ready to go and achieve that more. What’s that more? Well, currently, I am still trying to piece everything together – the path between the then and the now has taught me that you can’t map everything out, that though you may have a plan in mind life happens and gets in the “way”.

So here I am. A second (or third if you could that one semester that was post-bach) semester comm student at UL.

I am a Hilltopper Alum. I am a foodie. I am an avid bourbon drinker. I am a Buffalo Bills fan. I am a visual merchandiser. I am obsessed with my pup Gizmo. I am a Starbucks junkie. I am a creative. I am a faux fitness buff. I am a leftie. And I am continuously searching for pirates.

Follow my adventures!

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