yeah, I google myself

In class it was asked if you have googled yourself. I was honestly surprised at the lack of hands in the air, and mildly ashamed that mine was one of them. But ya know? I realized I don’t really care. I google myself. I google myself – probably more often that what is really needed. Yet, having left the college world somewhat behind, after an epic four years of stereotypical sorority girl-ness, I find that it’s necessary to see what is out there when I type my name into that search engine.

I can happily say that nothing of real relevance pops up – or at least nothing that would pose as a threat to me, as a person professionally and otherwise. A lot of photos come up, such as these:

My profile picture linked to my Google+.

My profile picture linked to my Google+.

My wordpress photo that is linked with this blog.

My wordpress photo that is linked with this blog.

This is my twitter profile picture - this is a new addition as I just made my twitter public.

This is my twitter profile picture – this is a new addition as I just made my twitter public.

Attending a gala event with my boyfriend, an event that I helped design the programing and invites to.

Attending a gala event with my boyfriend, an event that I helped design the programing and invites to.

As you can see – nothing too harmful. Other than photos, links to my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts are available – things that I want my future employers or clients to have access to. Also, you can see the work that I did while traveling abroad with Imagewest to Malaysia as an intern – in fact, shameless plug, go check it out!

I have done, what I feel, as a decent job of keeping track of my online reputation. My Facebook is completely private, and I have been told that I am not even searchable. My Twitter was once a place that I ranted and raved and let the F-bombs fly and so that was also private – now I am realizing that it needed to be public in order to brand myself and communicate with others in the industry. So I am keeping my sailor-esqu mouth filtered and rebranding my twitter as something that I do not mind professional peers seeing.

So yes, I google myself. Before I was doing it to make sure none of my shenanigans were being leaked, but now after reading a few great articles on, I think that it’s time that I start diving more into this concept and seeing how I can play these google searches into a think that benefits me and my brand as a professional.

Oh, and as a side note: my twitter handle is @samanthahughey – this is NOT to be confused with the twitter handle that also pops up under my name which is a fangirl all over the Biebs. Though, if you are interested you can follow her too (@smhlovejdb)!



Sports. I love ’em. Well…not all of them.

I played soccer since I was 4 years old and have gone on to even coach for a couple of years. So I enjoy that sport.

Basketball. I played for a season and was told I have “great footwork” – I took that to mean that I needed to stick with soccer, I have no hand-eye coordination.

Baseball – don’t count it. There’s nothing exciting about it. 9 (possibly more) innings of trying to hit a ball and not tackle each other. Nope. Not interested. Though I will go and enjoy $1 beer nights – but that does not make me a fan of baseball – that makes me a fan of cheap beer…

Football. YES PLEASE! I am as obsessed as a white girl can be. I have season tickets to UL and will go out and tailgate as early as possible. My Monday/Thursday Nights and Sundays all are based off of where can I sit, drink beer and watch the games. I love it. The fans are crazy and the teams are intense. And that’s what made me think that when I grow up I want to work in the NFL. So here I am, I am going to study the social media tactics and strategies that are taking place. Seeing what is being done and what isn’t that should be.

I have created my own branding for this purpose, so that I can retweet anything and everything while keeping my personal branding separate. I am calling this project PBR & TDS. It’s my view of this sport through my Ray Ban and pink iPhone C world.

While I will be updating those posts and filtering them through this site as well, feel free to follow me on twitter (@PBRandTDS) and my Tumblr (PBRandTDS) for all the latest happenings in the social media world of the NFL.

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What is social media?

Yeah, I totally google myself – so what?

140 characters or less, make them count!

Nerd status & I am not ashamed of it.

Designers & photogs work hard – respect the visual trade!

Nick Stover is showing the world that impossible is nothing.

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yeah, us weirdos – we gotta stick together!

social media

We live in a world that is plugged in, constantly viewing more than two screens at once. With so many applications and various sites being considered a by product of “social media” it is first vital that one understands what that term means. According to social media is “a website that doesn’t just give you information, but interacts with you while giving you that information. This interaction can be as simple as asking for your comments or letting you vote on an article.”

An easy explanation. But who is using these platforms? Who is out there that we are interacting with? It’s not just the younger generations who are logged on. Though in 2006, with Facebook a new hip and trendy thing for college students to be using, the demographics were skewed more towards those users. But within recent years, however, those signing up for accounts have started being those in their middle ages. This is especially true for Facebook.

In the last six years there has been an increase in the age of those who are considered internet users by the Pew Research Center. While the vast majority is still going to be those in the millennial generation it is still worth noting that many of those who are not first adopters are venturing onto the internet and creating social media accounts.

Yet, as explained, social media sites can be anything. So what is out there? What is being used the most? The answer…Facebook.

This platform is still dominating the wave lengths, unlike other networks who have come and gone (MySpace and LiveJournal are two that come to mind). The Pew Research Center says that of the older generations, those 73% who are online, Facebook is their social media choice of poison. And while it holds as the number one spot for most users, others are taking their claim as the number one spot for specific demographics. For instance Pinterest is geared more towards women, while LinkedIn caters to the needs of business professionals and recent student graduates. These sites are taking the time to hone in to who wants to be on that site and ensuring that those users stay committed to them. This practice is one that many in the marketing-communication-advertising world need to focus on and understand: who is your demographic and were are they speeding their online time? The Pew Research Center has done a great job compiling this information and I highly recommend taking a look at their full findings here.

Personally, I enjoy it all. I check my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds within moments of waking, I browse the recipe and work out pages on Pinterest while stream Hulu or Netflix through my AppleTV, and I can easily get lost on Reddit and StumbleUpon for hours. I am a millennial and I cannot get enough screens going at once.