home sweet home

This has been on my bucket list uncrossed off since I started compiling things that I want to accomplish and for someone who tends to put things on a list for the pure joy of crossing things off – it’s boggling that this one doesn’t have a line threw it.

I bought my home back in October of 2010 – so the idea that 2 years of having my name on a mortgage is rather crazy. Especially since I bought it as a 23 year old who didn’t have a clue as to what was going on – which made the shopping around & then the purchasing process much more hectic than what it should have been. But the second my parent’s sent me photos of the back splash & the brick & the crazy bedroom-converted-attic I knew that I had to have it! And it seems that once I started moving boxes in, my life seemed to take a more distinct turn & things became much clearer than what they once were.

But, alas, I have an issue with putting roots down in places (I think that comes from the fact that my mom always tells us that we can go home & that our childhood bedrooms will always be there for us – so when asked about my “home” my mind would see Grand Dell Drive opposed to West Tenny Ave) & so my home is still a “house” & things aren’t really decorated. However, my boyfriend has moved in with me (&  my dog – it’s a cozy hot mess) & we are trying to make it ours. But that’s a whole other adventure!

Until then – I cannot wait for fall to hit my street!

made it out a live.

Welp. I did it. I took the GRE & I am still a live to tell the tale & no one is dead {which I honestly did not think that I would be able to do}. I don’t feel as if “miserable” is the way to describe the experience; because, well, that’s what it was – an experience. And I have been through miserable points in my life & this one cannot be added to that list.

Interesting. I think that’s how I will categorize this. It was interesting to see myself sit down & hardcore study {a habit that I thought had disappeared after my AP tests in high school}. It was interesting in how much math I had to relearn {the math on the GRE is not difficult, however, since I was in advanced math classes the last time I studied geometry or solved for the slope was in 8th grade. And then I became an art major}. It was interesting that I went in & was confident {I was a hot, fidgeting mess the morning of. But the second I sat at the comp & started I was fine. I flew right through it}. And, though this shouldn’t be considered really interesting, it was interesting how much support & well wishes I got through out this process.

So thank you to those who stood by my side & encouraged me, it was not an easy journey {especially for my poor, live-in boyfriend}. After countless late nights, study dates, trips to Starbucks & Panera, palm to forehead moments, tears, pencils, emails-calls-texts and study breaks – I did it! And my amazement of how lucky I am to have such wonderful cheerleaders in my life continues.

Now I just to await the results….