my poor, poor brain

I hope to blog daily – or at least attempt to. Ya’know why? Because I want to & because I like to. Writing is enjoyable to me, and I like to pretend that I am somewhat witty & good at it {it also helps a bit that it’s purely about me, and I like me – from time to time}.

I also want to be reading daily. And going to the gym. And doing crafts. And fixing up my home. And watching Netflix with my precious puppy & my beautiful boyfriend. And I want to be laying out by the pool. And drinking.

BUT. You know what I am doing instead?! Studying for my GRE that I take Saturday. Yes, this Saturday. The one that is in roughly 2.5 days. Yes, I want the continuance of crossing things off on my {adventures list} to occur. This one, however, is not that enjoyable. And before anyone says anything – I do understand that I am the one that chose to take this test, that I am the one that wants to get my Master’s.

Seriously though, couldn’t this step have been skipped?!

See I am not good at standardized testing. Or testing where there are right & wrong answers. Now give me a presentation, a project, something to color & I am a happy camper. I kill it because I am able to make you believe I am right & because I can talk out of my ass – to anyone {which is why during sorority rush I had to talk to all the girls that no one else wanted to; minus my Little Mandy, but that was a fluke & I am pretty sure I got crap for it}.

But memorizing facts & equations – I am currently reciting Please Excuse MDear Aunt Sally in my head as I am typing this – that’s a whole other world for me. A pain in my butt world. My sister was the one that got all of those genes from our folks. When I asked her for her help studying because she is smart & currently already in grad school, her response was that she didn’t really study: she went in, took it, aced it & then didn’t tell anyone how awesome her scores were until my folks asked her about it; yes I am jealous.

So, instead of doing things that I want to be doing I am lugging around four workbooks with me everywhere I go. And I am pretty sure that my way-smarter-than-me boyfriend is about to move out if I ask him one more time how I go about adding fractions.

Yeah. This should be interesting. And, fingers crossed, I survive Saturday to be able to cross this one off my bucket list. But for now, I have to get back to hitting the books.

{and for those of you who don’t have the pleasure of having to remember – Please Excuse MDear Aunt Sally is an mnemonic to help me remember the order of operations. yayyyyyyy.}

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