in the search

While in college I had the incredible opportunity to travel aboard & work in Malaysia – where I would be living on a Muslim campus. Though excited for the chance to add something killer to my resume, my folks were a tad anxious for my venture to such a traditional culture {being that I am a loud mouth who is the complete opposite of anything resembling a conservative state}. And to top it off I was making my way to this foreign land during the time that piracy was becoming a steady issue in the South China Sea. My father, however, found this hilarious which in turn led to a dinner discussion that went something along the lines of this:

“I just read that there are pirates over there, so I would be careful because you know if you get taken – you get taken. Sorry about ya.” my father

“No way! Are you serious?? Do you actually think that I will be able to see like legit pirates doing crazy shit??” me

“Jim. Really? Why would you even bring that up?” my mother

This became the running joke for us. My father & I hoping that I would get the chance to meet some real life pirates, while my mother packed me an extra suitcase of bottle water – just to be safe. And so, from that point on, when I had to blog about my journey’s in this other world I finished each entry with the tag line of: still searching for pirates {which, though she may not wholeheartedly admit, would make my mother cringe in fear of my safety just a bit}.

And though I never came across any, I still like to think that I am in the process of continuing that pathway. It may not necessarily be pirates that I am trying to find – but it’s to keep looking for that next great adventure, to not settle for anything less than that. Because what is life if not but an adventure?

So there you have it. This is me. My stories. My adventures. And my continuous search for pirates.

4 thoughts on “in the search

  1. sherry says:

    Your life should be an adventure and should never be mundane. I still look for the next adventure, although at my age, it is finally slowing a bit. When we moved to the middle east my mom was totally wrecked. A war going on and she was sure she would never see me again. But then she thought that each time I walked out of the house from the time I was 7 on! My dad always looked at my antics as an adventure from which I should learn. Sometimes I did, other times? Life has many ups and downs, twists and turns! It’s what we choose to do with them. We change constantly with knowledge and wisdom. Never stop learning girl. You remind me so much of myself, at your age. Wish I could be around when you get my age so I could witness the transformation. But I’ll be watching you. Meanwhile, keep searching for those pirates,

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